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Steam Saunas

Steam Saunas – The Real Choice

Steam saunas, also known as Finnish saunas, conventional saunas or traditional saunas have long been recognized for their benefits to the human body. Their use can be traced back to even the most ancient of civilizations such as the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and of course the Scandinavians. All of these learned and advanced societies were known to have used saunas for their health and healing. Saunas were thought to be so important to their wellbeing that they were an integral part of their cultures.

A traditional sauna uses a conventional sauna heater; which consists of sauna stones that heat the interior of the sauna and allow the user to control the environment. The climate within a traditional steam sauna is adjustable through a thermostatic temperature control, as well as being able to pour water over the hot stones to create bursts of pure steam. These steam bursts significantly elevates the humidity inside the Traditional Finnish sauna room.

Our Traditional Saunas provide the genuine 'hard heat’ of a Finnish sauna. In addition to this, our Traditional Saunas also offer all the health benefits of our infrared models - with an extra touch of Finnish authenticity for extreme sauna enthusiasts. With a 'hard heat' Finnish sauna, you'll experience the sensations of a centuries-old, European health experience, at a price you simply won't believe.

A traditional steam sauna kit is very easy to assemble and maintain; and although it does cost slightly more to operate than an infrared sauna, it is still cost effective. The addition of a traditional sauna to a home, office, or other commercial space provides not only an effortless luxury, but also enormous advantages to the users’ health and relaxation.

Bathing in a traditional steam sauna opens pores and cleanses the skin through perspiration. It also relieves sinus and respiratory conditions through the breathing in of heat and steam. A traditional steam sauna also increases the metabolic rate, which boosts the immune system and improves cardiovascular circulation.

The high temperatures of a traditional sauna can relieve the aches and pains caused by arthritis and minor musculoskeletal injuries. The benefits of this type of sauna have also shown to go as far as promoting emotional and mental health. Traditional Finnish Saunas drastically aid in relaxation and the reduction of stress levels; which is now understood to be paramount to good overall health and wellbeing. Some studies have even suggested that this can not only improve your quality of life, but increase your lifespan as well.

The Traditional Finnish Saunas from our suppliers Finlandia and Harvia include a selection of saunas that are classed as high-end commercial units. They are completely suitable for professional use, as well as conventional home use. All of our Harvia saunas are manufactured in the heart of Finland, which is considered to be the genuine capital of the sauna and spa culture. At Aqualine Saunas, we are proud to offer this unique sauna brand that provides saunas of authentic Finnish origin.

Transparent Pricing

Aqualine Saunas is one of the first sauna companies to lay out full online pricing for high end and commercial units. Many other companies in this sector will first gauge how much your budget is and how much you are worth before they provide you with a price. We use fair pricing and do not give special rates to different customers. The prices and offers on our website are the prices you will pay and no hidden costs will be added at the end.

With Aqualine Saunas, everybody gets a fair deal and a great price; that is our motto