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Sauna Heaters

Aqualine Saunas offer a large selection of sauna heater products for you to choose from. Our infrared sauna heaters and sauna stoves are perfect for custom-made sauna cabins. Installing an infrared sauna heater into a Finnish steam sauna will give you a more energy-efficient sauna that will cost you less to run.

All of our saunas are easy to install and simply plug into any electrical outlet in your home.

You will find that reliable, quality sauna heaters; like the ones sold by Aqualine Saunas, have several functions. These functions include the ability to efficiently produce and disperse heat within a traditional sauna room, to retain heat through the use of sauna stones, and to produce steam when water is poured over the sauna stones.

The task of a sauna heater is a demanding one; an effective sauna heater needs to be able to efficiently and consistently heat a room to up to 200° Fahrenheit and more. This requires that the construction of your sauna heater be solid and can be counted on to provide the continuous, dependable service that should be expected from a good quality sauna.

If you are seriously considering buying a sauna heater, there are a number of things that you should take into account when making your selection. To feel confident that your investment will last, make sure that you are purchasing a reliable and effective sauna heater. Take into account the design features of the product; construction material is important, as higher quality materials like high-grade steel will resist corrosion and dramatically improve the longevity of your sauna heater. Interior insulation and multiple-wall construction improve heating efficiency and keep the exterior surfaces cooler.

Quality heating elements are fundamental to the overall effectiveness of your sauna heater as they form the core of a sauna heater’s function. The better quality the heating elements in your sauna heater are, the quicker your heat delivery times will be. It also determines how reliable and effective your sauna’s overall performance will be.

When it comes to making selections for an appropriate control set-up for sauna heaters, one of the most important things to look for is if your heater has a mechanical timer and thermostat. Both of which should preferably be built into the base of the sauna heater. This can make the installation of the sauna much simpler and quicker, as the inclusion of a built-in thermostat and timer will require far less wiring during the installation period; dramatically simplifying the sauna heater’s configuration.

The second feature that you should look for when purchasing your sauna heater, is a wall-mounted control panel; this is available with either a mechanical timer and thermostat or a digital electronic control pad for the sauna heater functions. Digital control set-ups often include controls for other important sauna functions as well, such as an interior light. As functionality remains essentially the same for both types of control, personal preferences and installation requirements should be the first thing on your mind when choosing the right control set-up for any sauna heater.

Aqualine Saunas also offers a fantastic selection of Infrared Saunas and Traditional Finnish Steam Saunas.

Aqualine Saunas has sauna heaters for sale at the most affordable rates. Purchase our sauna stoves and take advantage of our free shipping. Our products come with money back guarantee. Place an order online and we will ship it for free. 

12 Products found

12 Products found