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Sauna Buyers Guide

Installing a sauna in your home is not only adding a luxury, it is also adding financial value. This is why choosing the right sauna that can stand the test of time as well as enhance the look of your home, requires you to make an informed decision.

Aqualine is the industry leader when it comes to infrared saunas as well as steam saunas and we understand the ins and outs of the sauna buying process. As sauna specialists we also understand the risks that go along with the process as well; which is why we have put together the following information to help reduce the chances of a problem occurring for you.

Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability Insurance is the expensive insurance coverage that protects you when there is a malfunction with your sauna. Fewer companies that you think actually carry this insurance and it puts you at risk.

If something does go wrong with your sauna, you need this insurance in place to be able to file a claim for losses. Without it, there will be no way to get your money back if the company that supplied you with your sauna goes out of business. Please make sure that the company you are buying your sauna from carries this insurance, especially if you are buying it from a company online or through an auction.

When you purchase a sauna from Aqualine, we provide protection for each of our customers with a policy through Lloyds of London.

Company Reputation

Before you purchase a sauna from a company, research them to make sure that they are a legitimate company. There are too many companies out there posing as real companies, but then disappear into the night once they have your money. Once they are gone you could be stuck with a product that is substandard and a worthless guarantee or warranty to protect you when something goes wrong.

A good resource to use is the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Both of these resources can verify if a particular company is legitimate and can even provide you any complaints that they may have had against them.

Aqualine is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and you can verify our information and status here.


Make sure you know all of the shipping information from a company before you purchase your sauna. You don’t want to find out about any incompatible shipping requirements after you have already given them your money.

Quality of your Sauna

All of Aqualine’s saunas are assembled in the United States and are made by world leaders in the sauna industry. We believe in delivering our customers only the best and to do so we have carefully picked the companies that only supply the best product.

Wood Selection

There are many types of wood to choose from when selecting you sauna. Here at Aqualine we have two preferred woods that we work with: Canadian Hemlock and Canadian Red Cedar.

The Canadian Hemlock we use is of the highest quality; it provides a softer feel and has a decrease chance of splinting due to the fine grain and lack of knots. We like using this particular wood because it also doesn’t give off the toxins that Sitka and pine do.

Hemlock is the same type of wood that is used to make bridge timbers, flooring, trim, paneling and also house sills. It is used frequently because it is an attractive wood that is also naturally strong and durable. Compared to other woods that have a durability life of around 200 years, hemlock can last anywhere from 300-1000 years.

It is also an ideal wood for saunas due to it being naturally decay resistant.

As most already know, Canadian Red Cedar has a pleasant smell to it. What people don’t know, is that this smell has been used for thousands of years as therapy. When cedar is burned it encourages strength and creates harmony; when its essential oils are used it calms and soothes those that are stressed. Other cultures have even used cedar to treat ailments ranging from respiratory problems to menstrual pain.

Unfortunately, the highest-grade Canadian Red Cedar is also one of the most expensive materials to use; which is why other sauna companies try not to use it. Instead they prefer to use cheaper woods, like spruce pine and lower-grade hemlock for their saunas.

With any type of wood, warping and splitting is a common problem in a sauna, but it can be prevented. We at Aqualine kiln dry all of our wood to prevent it from twisting and warping over time. Wood that is not cured or dried correctly can cause gaps and splits; the warping can even lead to a sauna door that won’t close.

Even color matching can be an issue, specifically with the use of cedar. The cuts taken from a single cedar tree can result in a large quantity of wood that are of all different colors. To make sure that you have a quality look to your sauna, Aqualine employs a special, wood-selection procedure to install cedar pieces that are the closest color match possible.

In addition to being of high quality, all wood that is used in an Aqualine sauna comes from Canadian renewable forests.

Sauna Heaters

Ceramic infrared sauna heaters are extremely durable; they also heat up quicker and release a high level of heat radiation. Unlike a bulky, carbon heater; a ceramic heater like the SaunaMed DuraWave™ is very easy to ship or even replace if something ever does go wrong with it. All of which is why these ceramic sauna heaters are the most popular with consumers.

Even companies that are health oriented and have experience in the industry are partial to using ceramic heaters because of their positive results in medical research. We at Aqualine initially considered using carbon heaters, but after intense research we decided to stay with the DuraWave™ because of the following information:

  • Infrared efficiency plummeted when a person sat more than 8 inches away from the carbon heaters. This means that the heater was warming the air and not the body.
  • To get a good sweat going, the cabin temperature had to be much higher with a carbon heater. This was due to them having to be thermostat controlled.
  • Carbon heaters required that the interior of the cabin be lined with unattractive elements in order to create the temperature and infrared flow needed for the heater to be effective.
  • Instead of your body absorbing the infrared heat from the carbon heater, the dust and bacteria that collected in the wood brackets, required to hold the carbon heater in place, did.
  • It was difficult to clean the sweat stains off of the carbon heaters.
  • Carbon heaters give off very high levels of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation).
  • Toxic chemicals are used in the production of carbon heaters. Compounds of styrene, lead, iron, aluminium, zinc, boron and barium that are used to create the carbon heaters are released when the sauna is in use. The presence of these types of chemicals negates the positive benefits of detoxification that a sauna is used for.

DuraWave™ Infrared Heaters

DuraWave™ Infrared Heaters have no chemicals or toxins in them, instead they use 100% pure ceramic elements that are filled with lava sand. The technology used in a DuraWave Infrared Heater uses these two elements to give the best possible heat distribution in your sauna.

Everyday humans send and receive Far Infrared waves. The range of waves generated by the human body is 6 to 20 microns. The optimal micron output range is between 7.5 and 15 microns which are very close to the resonant frequency of a water molecule.

DuraWave™ infrared heaters have been designed and calibrated to target the vital wave range of 7.5 to 15 microns with a good portion of wavelengths at 9.4, which is the frequency at which a water molecule resonates or vibrates. This vibration causes a release of cellular toxins and toxic gases. This optimal micron output also allows for deeper penetration of Far Infrared heat, which improves pain relief, detoxification, circulation, and increased peripheral blood flow.


Many similar products on the market today have not been tested, so there is no way to verify how safe they are or what their actual peak infrared output wave length is. On the other hand, the DuraWave™ infrared sauna heaters have been tested and clinically verified to produce Far Infrared rays that work perfectly with the human body to create the potential of increase health.

The Importance of Constant Concentrated Infrared

Carbon heaters only project Far Infrared rays in a straight line, just like how they travel in nature. If you want to get the full benefit of these rays, you would have to cover the inside of your whole sauna with these carbon heaters.

DuraWave™ pure ceramic far infrared heaters take a different approach; actually they use a whole different shape. A DuraWave heater is coiled into a concave shape and uses surgical-grade, stainless steel, wide-projection deflectors to maximize and concentrate the infrared output towards your body.

This means that no matter where you are sitting in a SaunaMed Sauna, your whole body being exposed to the beneficial Far Infrared rays.


Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and your Infrared Sauna

Click here for the important information you need to know about how the EMR from your infrared sauna affects you.

The Number and Size of the Heaters

When you are comparing models to purchase, keep in mind the size and number of panels in each model, in order to compare similar products. There should be anywhere from 1 to 12 ceramic heating panels in a sauna.

To save money, there are a number of companies out there that will skimp on the number of heating panels in their saunas. To get the best exposure, the panels should surround you; a cheap unit will not provide this exposure.

For a sauna that will provide the maximum benefit for you, look for one with large heating panels or a large number of panels.

Glass in your Sauna

Wood has a better heat retention rate than a pane of glass. Aqualine saunas use heat insulating glass and only when it is essential to the design to keep the operating costs lower.

Quiet Running

In order to maximize your relaxation in our saunas, we have made sure that all of our units run quietly and unnoticed.

Beware of Extra Charges

Some companies in the industry like to post the lowest price possible to give the illusion of lower cost sauna. It is only when you are paying for the unit that they then add in the taxes and other extra charges. Ask for all of the costs upfront when you are getting prices and only work with companies that are transparent with the true, total cost of the unit.

Product Availability

When you purchase a sauna, you always want to check the availability of the actual unit before you buy it. In order to keep the lowest overhead possible, many companies don’t even start to manufacture your sauna until after you have ordered it. They do this to save on the expense of housing any stock, but it could increase the time you have to wait for your sauna by 6-12 weeks.


Before you purchase a sauna from a company that is offering a price that is too good to be true, check to make sure it isn’t.

Is there a warrantee that covers problems that may arise after you purchase your sauna? How long is the warrantee for? Exactly what parts are covered under this warranty? These are the questions you need to ask to make sure your investment is protected.

Not only should you ask about the warranty itself, you should also be asking about the company that guarantees the warranty. You don’t want to have a valid warranty from a company that is no longer around.

Aqualine offers a 10-year cabin guarantee as well as a 2-year guarantee on electrical parts if you add after-sale support. Everything, including the light bulbs, are included in the warranty we provide on our saunas.

Replacement Parts

In the event that something happens to your sauna after your warranty has expired, we do keep a large inventory of replacement parts for all of the saunas we sell. Because we want you to feel confident in your sauna purchase from us, we provide replacement parts at the same price we are charged for them.

We even ship them out to you through next-day service, so you can get your sauna back up and running as soon as possible.

Green Products

Aqualine saunas are made from materials that are non-toxic, non-allergenic and environmentally friendly. Our electrical parts are certified and energy efficient, in that they use less electricity than other saunas; which also saves you money. We also guarantee that all of our products are manufactured to RoHS standards, which restrict the release of hazardous substances.

Also, don’t forget that all of our wood is from renewable forests.

VOCs & Chemicals

Aqualine believes that it is unacceptable to release chemicals such as lead and styrene into an environment that is supposed to be used for detoxification. Unfortunately, because carbon heating elements are manufactured with toxic chemicals, they also introduce them in the sauna. Chemicals such as: aluminum, lead, iron, styrene, zinc, boron and barium.

Aqualine uses no chemicals or toxins in our sauna cabins, so you don’t have to worry about toxins from the sauna itself being absorbed by your open pores. All of our saunas are manufactured to the RoHS directive and are subjected to Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) testing.

All of our SaunaMed products have been certified to be free of any volatile organic compounds.


We make installing our saunas in your home as easy as we possibly can. Your sauna will be delivered to you in 2 or 3 (depending on your sauna) flat, large boxes. We find the flat packing makes it easier for you to move it around your home or even take it with you if you ever move.

We also pack our saunas with easy to follow instructions so that you can install your own sauna once it has arrived. Each section of wall is designed to fit together perfectly to give it the rigid and solid construction you expect from Aqualine. Completing the installation on your own should take about 30 minutes.

However, if you would prefer someone else to install your sauna, we can install it for you for a small additional fee (in most areas).

Payment Options

Because we know that giving your credit card or other payment information over the phone makes people nervous, Aqualine offers a secure, online, payment system for your purchase.

Included Accessories

When you are shopping around for your sauna, don’t forget to take into consideration the accessories that come with the sauna. Aqualine includes accessories like drink holders, lighting, interior/exterior sauna controls, timers, oxygen ionizer systems, aromatherapy, magazine racks, air vents and towel racks in the price of our saunas.

Are these all included in the saunas you are looking at from other companies?

Available Sauna Specialists

The sauna you purchase for your home or business is only as good as the company behind it. Will the company you purchase your sauna from provide specialists to answer your questions?

At Aqualine we will. If you have a problem, issue or just need information about your sauna, we will be there with the information you need.

Electrical Requirements

Many companies fail to educate the consumer on the required wattage needed with their saunas; leaving the consumer with electrical issues in their home when they do try to use their new sauna.

All SaunaMed saunas from Aqualine are designed to work on 110V; the standard outlet in a home is 120V, so you shouldn’t need to make any changes to your current wiring.

All of our electrical wiring is also encased in a stainless steel, fireproof conduit. This increases your safety from the electrical voltage and prevents any faulty wiring from being able to make contact with the dry wood in the sauna.


Aqualine has implemented a quality management system in order to maintain the highest standards in product development and quality assurance. Below are the many certifications our high quality saunas have earned because of our quality management system.


CE: The CE mark certifies that the product it is on has satisfied the health, safety and environmental requirements for consumer safety in the European Union.

ETL: One of the oldest product safety testing laboratories in the world, the ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) was founded in 1896 by Thomas Edison. An ETL and ETL-C mark indicates that the product meets their performance and safety standards.

ISO9001: To earn this mark a company has to be continually improving the quality management and operating processes of their product.

RoHS: A product that is granted the RoHS certification has met the requirements for this program that restricts “…..the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment”.

GS: The GS mark indicates that a product has passed safety tests, is of high quality and exceeds legal standards.

The Health Benefits of Saunas

People across the world are installing saunas in their homes in record numbers to take advantage of the health benefits they offer. If you want to take advantage of these health benefits also, but are worried that your home is too small, we have a large selection of different sized saunas that can work for almost any home.