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Outdoor Saunas

In Finland, the traditional setting for their sauna is outside of their homes in a separate building. If you are looking at re-creating a traditional steam Finnish sauna setting, don’t have room in your home or just want to add a touch of luxury to your backyard; then an outdoor sauna is what you are looking for.

An outdoor sauna has a different feel to it; one that is fresh and invigorating. In addition, they offer you an escape from the household chaos that we all experience, so that you have a place of quiet relaxation.

No matter if you choose a simple, electric sauna heater or go with the traditional, wood-burning sauna stove; you will find the same distinguished sauna spirit in your outdoor sauna.

When you order an outdoor sauna from Aqualine, you will receive everything you need to put together and quickly operate your new outdoor sauna. The Outdoor Sauna Package comes with:
  • The necessary wood to assemble your sauna
  • Sauna roof
  • Fastening materials
  • A wood burning sauna stove or electric sauna heater

Whether you put your outdoor sauna near a garden, barn, swimming pool or in the forest; you will experience an abundance of peaceful momenst of pleasure and relaxation.

Have an outdoor steam sauna built next to your pool or anywhere in your home with Aqualine Saunas. We specialize in outdoor saunas that are created like traditional Finnish steam saunas. You will receive everything you need to operate your own sauna with ease.