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Infrared Saunas – Everything You Need To Know

Infrared saunas differ from traditional saunas in that they warm up the sauna using light. Conventional saunas use an electrical device or a wood burning stove to heat up the sauna. There is no right or wrong option, but a lot of people prefer infrared saunas because they provide a more comfortable heat and they require a lot less power to run. This results in significant cost savings every month. Having stated that, in this post we are going to provide you with all of the advice you need to know about buying this type of sauna. So, read on to discover more.

Initial Considerations When Buying Sauna Kits

There is a lot that needs to be considered when buying pre cut sauna kits for the home. First, let’s begin by looking at your initial considerations. These are the basic yet essential details that are required to paint a picture regarding the type of infrared saunas you should be looking for. The first thing you need to do is decide on where the sauna is going to be placed. This does not simply mean choose between indoors and outdoors. You need to pick your spot and measure it. You should also consider how many people are likely to use the sauna so you can get a better idea about what size you need to opt for. Price is, of course, a key determining factor when making any big purchase, and a sauna is no different. You will see that sauna kits differ in price dramatically. You need to find the perfect balance; you want something that is cost effective and fits within your budget, but you do not want to waste your money on the kind of sauna kits for home that are of a poor quality and are difficult to put together. If there is any feature you want your sauna to have that is completely non-negotiable, then make sure you jot this down too. You now have the information you need to narrow down your options and begin to select which sauna is right for you.

Choosing The Best Wood When Purchasing Saunas

Once you have made a note of your initial considerations and requirements, the next thing you need to consider is the type of wood that has been used to build the home infrared sauna you are considering. There are many different types of woods, and a lot of retailers selling saunas will try and convince you to go for pine. The truth is that they are only doing this because pine is a cheaper wood, and thus they can make a higher profit. Instead, it is the better option to look for infrared saunas that have been made from a premium quality wood, such as red cedar or hemlock. Let’s begin by taking a look at the latter. Hemlock boasts many attractive qualities, but its durability really makes it stand out. Most woods last for around 200 years. However, it’s been known for hemlock to last for as long as 1,000 years. It also does not give off toxins when hot, like pine and Sitka do, and it is naturally resistant to decay. Red cedar is another option to bear in mind if you want to find the best far infrared sauna. Red cedar is also known for being very strong and durable. However, one of the main benefits is the fact that red cedar gives off a beautiful scent, which can be soothing and therapeutic.

Why You Should Never Buy Saunas With Carbon Heaters

The next decision you have to make when shopping for an infrared home sauna is what type of heater to go for. In general, you have a choice between a ceramic heater and a carbon heater. You are highly advised to stay away from the latter, and there are numerous reasons why. Most people who have opted for saunas with a carbon heater end up complaining that they cannot get rid of the stain marks on the walls, which dramatically spoils the appearance. Another reason why ceramic heaters are much better than carbon heaters is because they are a lot more energy efficient. With carbon heaters, you are going to need a lot of energy because a higher temperature is required to produce the same level of sweat that would be experienced when using a ceramic heater. Moreover, far infrared sauna therapy is not as effective with a carbon heater, as even if you only move a very little distance away, you will experience a huge drop in temperature. Ultimately, carbon heaters are dangerous too and this is because they produce a high level of Electromagnetic Radiation. What’s more, toxic chemicals are used during the production process.

Final Considerations When Buying Sauna Kits

Before you dash off to look at sauna kits for sale, there are a few final considerations that you do need to bear in mind. Firstly, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to find a retailer that offers you some form of protection in regards to your purchase. They should offer you a warranty with decent terms and they should have product liability insurance to give you ultimate peace of mind that you are covered if anything goes wrong with your sauna. Aside from this, when you come across sauna kits that appeal to you, you should do a considerable amount of research before parting with your hard earned cash. One of the best things to do is read reviews that have been left by other people. This will give you an honest insight into the experience and level of quality you can expect. If you come across a surprisingly large number of negative reviews, you know to look elsewhere for in home sauna kits. You should also find a retailer that is willing to give you their expert advice so you can be sure you end up with the right sauna for you. This is something Aqualine Saunas are more than happy to help with.

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