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Frequently Asked Questions

General Frequently Asked Questions
Infrared Saunas Frequently Asked Questions
Traditional Sauna Vs Aqualine Far Infrared
Far Infrared Sauna Health Benefits
Traditional Steam Saunas Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

At Aqualine, we are able to charge you less than other companies because we purchase in large volumes and have no middleman. The companies that we work with supply their product exclusively to us and at the most competitive prices found in the market.

Aqualine has this much control over their saunas because we are an independent company and our priority is to make sure that you buy the product that fits your needs.

Aqualine doesn’t just tell you that we have the best quality saunas on the market, we can show you.

All of the suppliers we work with are handpicked out of hundreds of other potential suppliers. We work closely with our manufacturers to make sure that they are adhering to the strictest quality management in the world.

Under no circumstances do we compromise on quality to save on our costs. We do not follow other companies, whose goal is simply to make the profit margin as large as possible.

This attention to quality has earned us the following certifications:

Many of our certifications are issued by SGS, which is regarded as the premier quality management center in the world today.

Placing an order with Aqualine is as easy as clicking a button. Just visit our website and click on the “Add to Cart” or “Buy” button that is next to your item of choice to start the process. From there the site will walk you through the steps to complete your purchase, including making a secure and safe payment on the secure website.

Do I have to install my own sauna?

No, we do offer installation service with every sauna we sell (for an extra charge). You can add this extra service to your order by contacting our customer service department.

However, our saunas are delivered to you with simple, installation directions and most of our customers find that they are easily able to install their saunas on their own.

Yes, in fact, we have one of the best delivery systems in the market today.

We use two-person delivery teams make sure that your sauna arrives to your door safely and within 7-14 working days. For our Platinum delivery service, teams will not only deliver your sauna to your door, they will take it directly to the room you plan on installing it in. They will unpack it, allow you to check to make sure everything is in perfect condition and then will take all of the packing material with them to be recycled.

Once you place your order with Aqualine, the date your sauna is to be delivered will be emailed to you. We strive to get your sauna to you as soon as we can and will inform you if there is any delay with your delivery. If the new, delivery arrangements are not acceptable to you, you will have the option of cancelling your order.

Because we want to protect you from fraudulent purchases that may be made with your financial information, we will only deliver to the address that your credit card company has on record for you. If you would like your sauna delivered to a different address, you will have to add it to your credit card account so that it will pass our address verification process.

We know that this can feel like an inconvenience, but it is actually a step we take to make sure your payment information is as secure as possible and to protect you. You can always have the additional address removed from your account once your sauna is delivered to your alternative location.

Yes, we offer delivery to all of North America and Canada. We also have delivery in Europe through independent carriers. Any shipping overseas will take longer than the customary 2-5 business days and you will need to provide assistance in getting your sauna from the delivery truck into your home.

The cost of your delivery will be calculated when you pay for your sauna.

You have 7 days to decide if you would like to keep your sauna or not. If you decide that the sauna you have chosen is not right for you, you can return it for a replacement of equal value or a credit to go towards a sauna that costs more. A refund, minus the cost for us to pick up the unwanted sauna, will be issued if you can’t find a sauna in our stock that you do like.

In the unlikely event that you will need to fix something on your sauna, after the warranty has expired, we do keep a large stock of replacement parts for all of our saunas. We sell them to you for the same price we bought them and they will be delivered via next day shipping.

Aqualine saunas are made from materials that are non-toxic, non-allergenic and environmentally friendly. Our electrical parts are certified and energy efficient, in that they use less electricity than other saunas; saving you money on your power bill. We also guarantee that all of our products are manufactured to ROHS standards, which restrict the release of hazardous substances.

In addition, all of the wood we use in our saunas come from 100% renewable forests.


Infrared Saunas FAQ

Our saunas provide both health and beauty benefits to you though lower temperature, sun-simulating technology.

SaunaMed Infrared Saunas have been designed and developed to bring the whole sauna experience to every home regardless of space and budget. No matter what your situation is; we have something for you.

Infrared energy is the heat you feel on a sunny day from the sun. You can feel the difference between having the rays hit your body and when they stop, like when the sun is blocked by a cloud.

Far Infrared radiant heat is a completely safe form of naturally occurring energy that heats objects.

The primary source of radiant energy is the sun; but as we all know, too much of this energy is not good and can damage the skin. This is where the benefits of FIR come in. FIR heat can provide all of the benefits of sunlight, without the dangerous effects it has on us.

Yes, without question infrared saunas are safe. Infrared light energy does no damage to the body and is truly beneficial for it.

As an example, infrared heating is used in the following scientific and medical settings:

  • To warm newborns in the hospital
  • To promote the healing of sprains
  • To promote the healing of strained muscles
  • To maintain the cardiovascular fitness level of NASA astronauts during spaceflights
Please note that in most loactions within the United States children under the age of 16 are not permitted to enter saunas. This is because they are deemed unable to regulate their body temperature as effectively as adults. Any person under the age of 16 enters a sauna at their own risk.

SaunaMed Far Infrared Saunas vs. Traditional Steam Saunas





Finest Grade Non-allergenic / Non-toxic Canadian Hemlock or hand selected finest grade A Canadian red cedarSpruce, Pine, Hemlock, Aspen, Alder and Abachi, which is cool to the touch in hot environments are most commonly used


100% Pure Far Infrared ceramic heatersElectric stove or  wood-burning element


Long wave ‘safe’ FIR waveHot air, harder to breathe, but some people prefer this intense heat environment


64.4-149 °FMore than 185 °F


80% water & 20% toxins97% water & 3% toxins


5 min30-40 min


YES - Adjustable air vent and oxygen ioniser system fitted as standardAvailiable however this must be closed during use to create humid environment


Energy efficient - $5 per month average$25 per month average


Very high, heat safe and can be controlled to a single degree, timer function and Auto shut off also includedHot coals, unsuitable for children, the elderly and injured, possible fire hazard


Under 30 minutes with our simple step-by-step guide. Put anywhere you like, no special venting required.Usually takes a day to install and may need the assistance of a professional to install for you.


Easily moved and packed flat again (Stands on supports offering floor protection and air circulation)More of a permanent fixed feature


State of the art digital soft touch, internal and external controlsWireless controls on some models, also uses water over coals to control internal temperature


Used by physiciansNot used by physicians


Most people can use – Great benefits for the young, injured and elderlyOnly for certain individuals


None at allYes


Kenwood, CD, MP3 system and Ipod connection Fitted as standardAvailable on some models. Speakers need to be mounted low and be water resistant.


Everything Included in the price – No hidden costs – All parts availableProfessional fitting and wiring required. Traditional saunas generally cost more.

FAR Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

Traditional Steam Saunas Frequently Asked Questions