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Durawave FAR Infrared Heaters


DuraWave™ Infrared Heaters use technology that was specifically developed by SaunaMed saunas. Instead of using harmful chemicals and toxins to work, DuraWave uses 100% pure ceramic elements that are each filled with lava sand. This unique approach allows DuraWave Infrared Heaters to give the best heat distribution to maximize your relaxation and health benefits. It also allows the DuraWave Heater to be safe to the touch, so you can easily lean against it.

Every human on earth sends and receives Far Infrared waves. The range of waves generated by the human body is 6 to 20 microns; with the optimum micron output ranging between 7.5 and 15 microns. This optimum range is very similar to the resonant frequency of water molecules.

DuraWave™ Infrared Heaters have been designed and calibrated to target this optimal range of wave length; which is best suited to the health and relaxation of the human body. The most prevalent wavelength emitted by saunas with DuraWave technology is 9.4 microns, which is the frequency at which water molecules resonate (vibrate). It is this vibration that leads to the release of toxic gases and cellular toxins.

The optimal micron output provided by DuraWave technology also allows for the much deeper penetration of Far Infrared heat, which is what improves pain relief, detoxification, circulation, and increased peripheral blood flow.

DuraWave sauna heaters are designed to be safe to touch, and comfortable to sit against.

DuraWave™ Infrared Heaters have even been through clinical tests to prove that the Far Infrared rays that they produce are at the level that can, in fact, increase the health and wellbeing of the user. Many other products out there try to claim the same, but do not have the clinical tests to back their claims up making it very difficult to verify their safety, and peak infrared wavelength output.

Why Ceramic Heating Elements are Beneficial

Far Infrared rays naturally travel in a straight line, this is a scientific fact. When a sauna uses a Carbon Flat Panel, like most do, this means that all of the rays are travelling in one, straight direction. The only problem with this is that the human body is not flat, like the panel is, and a good portion of the body is missing out on beneficial Far Infrared rays.
In order for all of the Far Infrared rays to have contact with the body, the whole interior of the sauna would have to be covered in Carbon Flat Panels. This will seriously increase the amount of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) you are exposed to (scroll down for the dangers of EMR exposure).
All SaunaMed saunas are EMR Neutral (there is a video with more information about this at the bottom of the page) and are not flat. They use pure ceramic, Far-Infrared heaters that are coiled inside a ceramic tube, which reflects the Infrared Rays off concaved, stainless steel, wide-projection deflectors. This design concentrates and maximizes infrared output towards the body, so you will be warm and receiving the Far Infrared rays no matter how you are sitting in our sauna leaving absolutely no cold spots.


Medical Research and Benefits

There is a history of medical research and positive results all verifying the benefits of using a Far Infrared sauna that uses pure ceramic, concaved-shaped emitters, like SaunaMed does.

They have been used for decades to maximize health benefits and are recommended by doctors and actual users around the world that have experienced what they can do to help a person relax and achieve better health. You will even find books written on the subject, if you wish to educate yourself more on Far Infrared saunas and their health benefits. Furthermore research carried out by doctors of naturopathics, have been based on the use of Far Infrared saunas that utilize pure ceramic heaters.

Why DuraWave™ elements are preferred over carbon

DuraWave™ Infrared Heaters were created so that there was an alternative to the carbon heaters that required potentially harmful chemicals to be used when they were made.

Carbon heating elements start as two pieces of flexible fiberglass (plastic resins and glass cloth). A thin conductive layer of carbon is printed onto the fiberglass; the fiberglass is then pressurized and laminated to complete the assembly. Through this process, compounds of styrene, lead, iron, aluminum, zinc, boron and barium are introduced into the sauna.

For a product that is supposed to enhance health and relaxation, having these types of chemicals present was unacceptable. You can’t detoxify in a unit that is adding its own toxins while you are using it.

In addition to not using toxins, DuraWave™ Infrared Heaters are easier to ship and replace if a problem arises, heat up faster, are more durable and have higher levels of infrared output.

Far Infrared Saunas that utilize pure ceramic concaved emitters have long been used by the most experienced and health orientated companies.

SaunaMed did consider developing carbon heater, however, after extensive research; we chose to stick with our very popular DuraWave™ Infrared Heaters, due to the following findings;

  • Carbon heaters are flat and cannot deliver the Far Infrared rays to every part of the body. Because Durawave™ heaters are concave, they can.
  • Infrared efficiency dropped dramatically when sitting more than 8 inches away from the heater; meaning the air was being warmed better than the body.
  • To get a good sweat going, the cabin temperature had to be much higher with a carbon heater. This was due to them having to be thermostat controlled.
  • Carbon heaters required that the interior of the cabin be lined with unattractive elements in order to create the temperature and infrared flow needed for the heater to be effective.
  • Toxic chemicals are used in the production of carbon heating elements. Compounds of styrene, lead, iron, aluminium, zinc, boron and barium are introduced into the sauna. We found it absolutely unacceptable to introduce lead, and especially styrene in a therapeutic environment designed for detoxification.
  • Carbon panels, in general, give off very high levels of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) and there is no way to shield this.
  • Instead of your body absorbing the infrared heat from the carbon heater, it was instead absorbed by the dust and bacteria that collected in the wood brackets required to hold the carbon heater in place.
  • It was difficult to clean the sweat stains off of the carbon heaters.

The Danger of Using a Carbon Infrared Sauna

In recent years, 225 sauna units have been recalled in the United States due to being dangerous. The dangers were due to fires that resulted in severe property damage, but thankfully no lost lives or injuries.

This is why SaunaMed does not use carbon heaters in their saunas and have instead spent the time and money to continuously refine and improve the use of ceramic heaters.

You can find out more about the dangers of Carbon Saunas on the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission website here.

EMR Testing- (Electro Magnetic Radiation)

Recent research into EMR testing has led to many doctors and medical experts advising the avoidance of EMR exposure levels of 3mG (milligauss) or higher.

EMR is short for electromagnetic radiation, and is sometimes referred to as electromagnetic field (EMF), or electromagnetic energy (EME). Electromagnetic fields are created when electric current flows, microwaves and cell phones are known to give off these rays.

The Safest Infrared Heaters Availiable

EMR Neutral™ infrared heaters by SaunaMed only release ultra-low levels of EMR. The patent pending technology we use will never expose you to anything near unsafe levels of EMR. When we performed testing on our heaters, the only time any EMR was detected was when the sensor was almost touching the heater itself. Even then the readings that were detected were extremely low.

If SaunaMed was unsafe, it wouldn’t be one of the most widely accepted sauna brands used by doctors and other health care professionals.

What level is safe?

The 3mG cut-off point has been adopted as the standard by many experts, government departments (the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)) and countries (Sweden).

We use a state-of-the-art TriField Meter to test all of our heaters to ensure that they are EMR Neutral™ and do not exceed the 3mG safety level.

*Please note that EMR Neutral™ heaters by SaunaMed are designed to significantly reduce the exposure to radiation when compared to standard heaters. There may still be some small levels of EMR detected.