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Brands - SaunaMed Infrared Sauna

SaunaMed Infrared Sauna

Designed and assembled by SaunaMed in California.

We choose to represent the SaunaMed™ brand because they have a passion for their saunas, understanding of the science of infrared therapy and a commitment to producing a very effective and high-quality product at a competitive price.

SaunaMed™ provides all the conventional benefits of a sauna and more; through lower temperature, infrared technology.

The SaunaMed™ range has been commended for its ease of construction and variety of models available.

  • Born out of the factory that was the first to manufacture infrared sauna therapy units on a large scale over 25 years ago.
  • The first trusted infrared sauna brand to be using FSC certified wood.
  • The primary brand in the U.S. to be approved and used by medical professionals.
  • Assembled in the U.S.


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